Invite Only

The Up Life

At Vertical we believe Team is the next generation in gymnastics. We call this “The Up Life.” When you join a Team, you are working alongside others to achieve a goal. In gymnastics many of these goals are self-driven. We like to say, “Up Life,” because you are being held accountable to a standard or goals above the common recreational class. With standards come commitments, so whether you are an inquiry, invite, or a tryout for the Vertical Team, please note that you are committing to our standards, processes, and procedures.


The Developmental Team is for any gymnasts that have displayed exceptional talent and maturity for the sport. We also look for athletes and parents that hold tight to our culture values. This program is invitation only and designed to progress the athlete through the USAG Developmental levels (3-Elite). These are rigorous and planned training classes focusing on both skill development and perfecting technique. Gymnasts will be equipped with the tools to achieve their dreams. No matter the dream big or small, Vertical fosters an environment that allows safety, competition, and celebration.

Pre- Team is for our USA Gymnastics Developmental competitive track (DP Program.) These athletes will be 5 -7 years old and have the necessary skills, strength, flexibility, maturity, and technique to compete successfully at level 3. They will learn the level 3 routines with The Vertical Standard. These girls will show excellent drive, motivation, work ethic, and love for the sport! This class will get them geared up to withstand the ups and downs of a competitive sport in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

The Excel program is for those that have passed all their Advanced skills in rec and are wanting more out of their gymnastics. We start competing Excel at the Silver level. Each athlete will still need to try out or be evaluated. Excel is designed for the athlete that wants to compete without the same time commitment as the DP Program.

Vision, Values, & Drivers