Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 4 – 5 (must be potty-trained)

Tots Class

At Vertical, our TOTs Gymnastics Classes are more than just adorable toddlers tumbling and somersaulting. This class will build on gross motor skills, and they will start to learn the basic foundations of gymnastics. Our goal for every child is to have fun learning and feel accomplished doing it! TOTs must be potty-trained as these classes are on their own without the participation of a parent. If your TOT is not potty-trained and needs a little more time in the parent and me classes that is totally fine!

What Happens In Tots Class?


The class typically begins with a fun and energetic warm-up session. Coaches use activities like dancing, stretching, and simple exercises to get the kids ready for action.

Basic Gymnastics Skill

TOTs gymnastics classes focus on teaching children fundamental gymnastics skills, such as balance, coordination, and flexibility. Kids learn how to walk on a balance beam, perform forward rolls, and execute basic jumps and skills.

Obstacle Courses

Many classes include obstacle courses that incorporate gymnastics elements. These courses encourage children to climb, crawl, jump, and swing, enhancing their gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and working through fear.

Apparatus Work

TOTs are introduced to various gymnastics apparatus. This helps build strength, improve body control, boost confidence, and create comfort as some skills can seem scary at first.

Social Interaction

Gymnastics classes provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers. They take turns, work in pairs or small groups, and engage in activities that foster teamwork and cooperation.


Safety is paramount at Vertical Athletics. Trained instructors ensure that children use appropriate equipment and follow safety guidelines, creating a secure environment for learning and play.

Stronger, Faster, Higher

The Up Life!

Preschool gymnastics classes contribute significantly to a child's physical development. Through various activities, children enhance their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. These skills lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

Gymnastics classes also stimulate cognitive development. Children learn to follow instructions, solve problems, and understand spatial relationships as they navigate obstacle courses and practice gymnastics moves.

Interacting with other children in a structured setting helps preschoolers develop essential social skills. They learn to communicate, share, take turns, and cooperate, which are crucial for future social interactions.

Achieving small milestones and mastering new skills boost a child's self-esteem and confidence. Preschool gymnastics classes provide a supportive environment where children can take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Gymnastics requires discipline and concentration. Through repetition and practice, children learn the importance of focus and perseverance. Skills that will serve them well in school and other areas of life.

Most importantly, preschool gymnastics classes are designed to be fun. Children look forward to these classes, which instill a love for physical activity from an early age. This positive association with exercise can lead to a lifelong commitment to staying active.

Little Kids, Big Fun!