Lara Astle

Lara brings creativity and passion to the Vertical Family. She has years of group fitness training and marketing and plays a key role in making our business function smoothly. As a parent of a gymnast, she can empathize with each family that comes through our doors and knows how to best serve them. Her eagerness […]

Nick Astle

Nick brings balance and vision to our leadership at Vertical Athletics. Nick is a mastermind of business owning, warehouse production, and has found his passion in the business of gymnastics. After years His career has been centered around serving those he works with and the customers he works for. As a parent of a gymnast, […]

Trey McReynolds

Married to Steph McReynolds. Trey competed in gymnastics for 10 years. He has 15+ years of professional coaching experience. Originally from Longview, TX, Trey moved to DFW at the age of 21 to work with one of the National Training Facilities. Trey has a passion for developing strong athletes that aren’t just physically strong but […]

Jacqie Hamblin

A mother, coach, and Judge; Jacqie has been in the sport of gymnastics since 4 years of age. She has many accomplishments under her belt from an athlete to a coach. Jacqie was a level 10 gymnast trained by some of the best coaches in the nation. She has successfully guided many athletes who went […]

Stephanie McReynolds

A seasoned gymnastics coach with a passion for nurturing talent and mentoring young athletes. Over the years, Stephanie has worked tirelessly with gymnasts of all ages, from beginners to elite-level competitors. The accolades on Stephanie’s resume include State, Regional and National champions in USA Gymnastics’ Developmental Program, as well as coaching her athletes to realize […]