The Culture of Vertical Athletics Part 2

Our Drivers: What Sets Us Apart

1. Presence over Performance

We choose to carry peace and refuse to be driven by a desire to perform for approval or applause. We choose to be present in circumstances even when they are hard. We believe “fake it til you make it” doesn’t work. We don’t do fake. We understand chasing approval leads to burn out and destruction.

The importance of prioritizing “Presence over Performance” cannot be overstated. When we choose to be present in the moment rather than solely focused on performing for approval, we cultivate authenticity and inner resilience. This approach allows us to build meaningful connections, both with ourselves and with others, based on trust and genuine interactions. It frees us from the draining pursuit of external validation, reducing the risk of burnout and enabling sustained personal growth. By valuing presence, we harness our true potential, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment that transcends fleeting applause, and instead, guides us towards lasting well-being and meaningful accomplishments.

2. Character Over Talent

Talent gets you in the door, but character allows you to stay. We believe character building of our athletes and staff is more important than titles, medals, and crowns. We choose accountability as a process of building character. Out of accountability we see success that lasts. We teach our athletes/staff to treat everyone with respect and high regard. “Treat the janitor the same as the CEO and lay your crown down.”

This is a fundamental belief that underscores the essence of our gymnastics gym. We prioritize character development for both our athletes and staff because we understand that it transcends accolades. Teaching accountability as a character-building process is at the heart of our philosophy, as it lays the groundwork for enduring success. Through accountability, we instill values such as responsibility, integrity, and respect, which are essential not only in gymnastics but also in life beyond the gym. We emphasize the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness, encouraging our athletes and staff to set aside their ego and through maturity, progress. This approach ensures that our gymnasts not only excel as athletes but also grow into individuals who contribute positively to their communities and the world at large, understanding that true success is defined by the quality of one’s character.

3. Righteousness Over Relevance

We are aware of the ways of culture, but we refuse to be driven by them. We care more about the soul than about popularity and trust that our results speak for themselves. Our hope is that our staff and athletes will “take the high road” even if it goes unnoticed.

“Righteousness Over Relevance” embodies a critical principle in our gymnastics gym, where our focus is not on conforming to fleeting trends or societal pressures, but on nurturing values and principles that stand the test of time. We recognize the influence of culture, yet we remain steadfast in our commitment to prioritize what our focus is. Our gym places a premium on the development of character and integrity, valuing the soul above popularity. We trust that our dedication to these virtues will ultimately yield results that speak volumes. We instill in our staff and athletes the importance of choosing what is right, because we understand that true success is measured not by momentary acclaim but by the enduring impact of honorable actions and decisions. In doing so, we strive to create an environment where individuals not only excel in gymnastics but also grow into principled, responsible, and morally grounded individuals who are leaders!

4. Collaboration Over Competition

We choose to lay down our motives and fame in order to work together to see an ultimate win. We compete to win, while recognizing we are a small part of a big team. We choose collaboration to see all cross the finish line. Each staff member and athlete have a specific role to play which creates success. You can be a great gymnast AND be a leader without striving for attention. “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

Committing to collaborate is a core tenet of our gym’s philosophy, and it holds immense significance in fostering an environment of unity and shared success. While we are passionate about competing and striving for excellence, we recognize that true triumph lies in collective movement. As a cohesive ownership team, we lead by example in this area! By prioritizing collaboration, we ensure that everyone has a specific role to play, contributing to our collective success. This approach not only promotes a harmonious and supportive atmosphere but also empowers individuals to become both exceptional gymnasts and leaders without the need for constant attention or recognition. It’s a mindset that allows our gym to thrive, emphasizing that it’s not about being perfect but about working together to be exceptionally good, both on the mat and in life.

5. Obedience Over Sacrifice

We choose to go against the grain and not sacrifice for success. We believe there is a time for everything: including rest, recovery, and fun. While the world around us glorifies busyness and hustles, our athletes/staff gain better results by staying balanced and not burning out. This is achieved through listening to understand and stepping out to communicate needs.

“Obedience Over Sacrifice” is a vital principle that sets our gymnastics gym apart, emphasizing the importance of balance and well-being in the pursuit of success. The culture of gymnastics, especially in the upper levels, often glorifies relentless sacrifice and constant hustle. We each know from experience that success cannot last when your only motive is to “hustle.” Our athletes and staff achieve better results by maintaining a balanced approach that avoids burnout. We listen to our athletes not to check off a to-do list, but to truly understand them. This approach fosters a healthier and more sustainable environment where everyone can perform at their best without sacrificing their physical or mental well-being. It’s a commitment to achieving excellence while respecting the importance of maintaining a harmonious life both inside and outside the gym. Does this mean we don’t work hard? Not at all! Hard work just isn’t our only motive.

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