Our Culture

What We Bleed

Our Vision: Vertical Athletics is dedicated to equipping the next generation of gymnasts with the skills and mindset to master and excel in the world of gymnastics.

Our Values

How We Act Our Best

We remain healthy by prioritizing family first, protecting rest, and finding balance between hard work and adequate recovery.

We don’t do fake. We coach through real relationships and create an atmosphere for families and children to be open and honest while we lead with vulnerability and transparency.

Lean into Awkward. We build trust, character, and relationships of tomorrow by engaging in the tough conversations today, in order to best serve families and athletes.

Give your all. We use the gifts and talents we were given to the best of our abilities each day. We hope to “give” glory instead of “get” glory. Our job is to work together as a team, and care about making your experience at Vertical truly life changing.

Our heart, Your Gymnastics. We empower those with like-minded goals to lead themselves through their gymnastics journey. We trade empowerment for teachability and humility in order to progress more effectively. 

Downshift. We choose to slow down and communicate clearly today, so that we can move forward faster tomorrow.

Hear Hear! We believe healthy feedback is a two-way street. We welcome opportunities to hear what is in your heart, and we commit to clarifying what is in ours.

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! We make time to celebrate the little wins that create a big victory.

Governed by honor. An environment of honor creates safe places for kids, families, and coaches to be respected and challenged. Honor is about self-control, not control of others. There is no power without honor.

The Third Option. We manage the resources we’ve been given to give back to those around us. When given the option to choose between titles such as “owner, coach, gymnast”, we choose the third option- “steward.” What will you do with your gift?

Our Drivers

What Sets Us Apart

Presence over Performance

We choose to carry peace and refuse to be driven by a desire to perform for approval or applause. We choose to be present in circumstances even when they are hard. We believe “fake it til you make it” doesn’t work. We don’t do fake. We understand chasing approval leads to burn out and destruction.

Character Over Talent

Talent gets you in the door, but character allows you to stay. We believe the character building of our athletes and staff is more important than titles, medals, and crowns. We choose accountability as a process of building character. Out of accountability we see success that lasts. We teach our athletes and staff to treat everyone with respect and high regard. “Treat the janitor the same as the CEO.”

Righteousness Over Relevance

We are aware of the ways of society, but we refuse to be driven by them. We care more about the soul than about popularity and trust that our results speak for themselves. Our hope is that our staff and athletes will “take the high road” even if it goes unnoticed.

Collaboration Over Competition

We choose to lay down our motives and fame in order to work together to see an ultimate win. We compete to win, while recognizing we are a small part of a big team. We choose collaboration to see all cross the finish line. Each staff member and athlete have a specific role to play which creates success. You can be a great gymnast AND be a leader without striving for attention. “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

Obedience Over Sacrifice

We choose to go against the grain and not sacrifice for success. We believe there is a time for everything: including rest, recovery, and fun. While the world around us glorifies busy-ness and hustle, our athletes/staff gain better results by staying balanced and not burning out. This is achieved through listening to understand and stepping out to communicate needs.

Meet The Team That Raises The Bar

This is why we do what we do

The people we get to work with are our motivation! We love getting to know the kids and parents that come into our lives. Here are what a few of them have to say about Vertical Athletics.

Do you love the experience you and your child have had with Vertical? Let us (and prospective families) know what you think!

Kiya Johnson, LSU Gymnast

I had a great experience while having Steph as a coach. She spread so much light and joy throughout her coaching which has continued to inspire me to this day. She pushed me to my limits in a positive way and always encouraged me to strive for greatness. Now having her as a mentor, she has continued to help, support and encourage me even though I am now in college. I am forever grateful to have been coached by her and to have her as a role model for me.

Melissa Gaa, Parent

Vertical Athletics is more than just another gym. They are like family. Our daughter loved her time working with the coaches. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and supportive environment for their kids!

Sam and Rebekah Bustamante, Parents

My daughter loves Vertical Athletics and adores her coaches. The staff/leadership is why we chose this program over other extra-curricular options for my daughter. We love what they stand for. Plus, to have my daughter be coached by some of the most experienced coaches in the nation is pretty incredible.”

Lara Burhans, University of Arizona Gymnast

During my time working with Steph, she taught me valuable skills and technique that I utilize to this day as a collegiate gymnast. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about our sport, but she also mentored me on topics both in and out of the gym. She was one of the few coaches I had in 18 years of gymnastics who truly valued us as people over athletes.